IE3 50HZ TEFC Premium Efficiency

SSP63-160, S1 TEFC—totally enclosed fan cooled with a fan and stainless fan cowl. IP67. Feet and flange able to be selected as requirement like B3,B5,B35,B14 or B34.


Perf. Data


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The motors of this series are totally enclosed three phase cage asynchronous motor.The electric performance and dimensions test both accord to IEC60034.2.1:2007 method A. All motors suit to be driven by transducer. We can make the winding by special frequency voltage if the customer request. All the winding has a 150Deg.C. thermistor. Grade F insulation. The motor’s rotor, end cover, screw etc. are all stainless steel material which make the motor look nice and clean. The motor frame and end cover are linked to the body by thread, the end cover hide inside the motor frame, this is not the same with the traditional motor’s construction which make the pace between parts smaller, it is easy to clean and widely used in the fields such as food processing and chemical industry.

Construction Case