Stainless Steel motors are required by the following industries

·       Food processing and production

·       Marine

·       Beverage

·       Pharmaceutical

·       And anywhere that requires a very clean sanitised environment. It is assumed that these motors will be steam cleaned, or chemically cleanedevery day to wash away any contamination.




The motors can be supplied in TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated) form with no fan or fan cowl – or – TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) with a fan and stainless fan cowl. The TENV motors are more popular as they are easier to clean. (It is difficult to clean under the fan cowl without removing it).



These motors can be supplied withEFF1, EFF2 and PREMIUMEfficiency levels and have been tested to IEC60034.2.1:2007 Method A. All the motors are suitable for use with Inverters and can be wound with special Inverter duty wire – if requested. All motors are supplied with 150 Deg.C. thermistors in the windings.



The motors are available in standard IEC frames from 63 to 160 in B3, B5, B35, and B14 configurations. The standard B3 foot mount motors can be easily modified to B5 or B14 for coupling to a suitable gearbox. The motors can also be produced to fit special OEM gearboxes such as SEW and Flender.


The standard Foot mount B3 motor can be easily modified to B3/B5 or B3/B14 by adding a separate flange ring. Likewise a B5 motor can be quickly and easily modified to be B14.  


TEMA Stainless Steel motors are designed and manufactured to operate in extreme conditions with high ambient temperatures, high humidity, water, steam, etc. These motors are IP67 as standard and can operate under water! The motors have a specially designed construction which avoids the use of through bolts or endshield bolts. The outer surfaces of the motors are completely smooth to make it easier to clean and wash away any dirt or food scraps that might collect on them.


The motors can be manufactured in 302, 304, or 316 Stainless Steel. Standard motors are produced in 304 – for a long service life with no corrosion. The shafts are made from SS420 as standard.


Standard motors are usually painted and it is not uncommon for flakes of paint to break free, when the motor starts to corrode, and contaminate food being processed.This is another advantage of stainless steel motors – there is no paint to break off.


The motors are fitted with special NTN Blue Seal bearings, as standard, which are suitable for a very wide range of temperatures with very low friction losses. The drive end is sealed with 2 oil seals and the shaft is induction hardened to ensure a long service life.


All motors are fitted with 1 metre of cable and tested under water as part of the standard routine testing of these motors. 


Stainless Steel motors are more expensive than standard cast iron or aluminium frame motors, but we are sure that the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP for these motors is much less than standard motors. Standard motors do not last very long when subjected to steam cleaning or hot water chemical cleaning every day. When the motors fail the cost of the downtime and lost production can often be much more than the extra cost of a Stainless Steel motor. The expected life of a Stainless Motor is at least 15 years, so these motors should never fail under normal operating conditions, while a standard motor might only last 6 months.


Our motors have received CSA Approval and have been certified under USA PREMIUM EFFICIENCY Approval No. 256691.